Trump did this. Rice did that. Our media is starting to sound like siblings caught up in fight, waiting for mom to make the final decision. Over this last week Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security advisor, has come under fire for unmasking the names from the electronic surveillance that contained President Trump’s name.

Fox News’ articles by Adam Housley and another one by Cody Derespina both stated that Rice, “requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance.” Stressing the fact that, “The identities of U.S. citizens collected during surveillance on foreign targets are supposed to be shielded unless they are unmasked by a top official, ostensibly for national security reasons.”

Whereas CNN’s Chris Cillizza is highlighting Trump’s claims that he believes Rice broke the law by unmasking the names of Americans. He also reports in the article, “A top national security official asking for the unmasking of a American citizen caught up in the incidental collection of surveillance data is not a crime. In fact, according to most national security experts, it’s a routine measure.”

This seems to be a situation of, who has the real facts. Clearly, one media outlet has not been completely truthful. The, “Media acts as watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.” However, how can they be a watchdog for the public if they don’t fact check correctly?

It is one thing to frame the facts in different light it’s a completely different thing for the facts themselves to be different.

The double standard lies in the term “watchdog”. Watchdog implies a level of validity and accuracy but these articles are contradicting, which means one news sources, in this case Fox News or CNN, has been filling their stories with opinion instead of fact.


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