Get it Together

Over the weekend the new health care act that was supposed to replace Obamacare didn’t even make it to a vote. Some are blaming the hard-right group called the House Freedom Caucus who, unlike most of their fellow Republicans, would not support the bill. AP News’ Hope Yen reported, “The Freedom Caucus is a hard-right group of more than 30 GOP House members who were largely responsible for blocking the bill to undo the Affordable Care Act, or ‘Obamacare.’”

On March 9th the Twitter account for the Freedom Caucus tweeted, “We promised #FullRepeal. The sooner we act, the sooner we can pass a market-based, patient-centered replacement.” They clearly support change, but this weekend proved they may not be willing to compromise. So are they really committed to acting sooner than later?

USA Today’s Eliza Collins reported that some, “Members of the group had previously raised concerns about the House bill, saying it wasn’t conservative enough and threatening to vote against it.”

Health care is one of the most important issues in today’s political limelight in my opinion and it’s going to be difficult to pass a bill that takes it a complete 180 right away Which, is what the Freedom Caucus seems to be suggesting.

As Greg Walden, GOP Rep was quoted saying by on CNN, “Health care is very important to all Americans. We want to get it right and we’ve been taking our time to do that.” In order for that to happen though there needs to be gradual change and compromise. Perhaps this was a wakeup call to the Freedom Caucus. Rep. Mark Meadows R.N.C. Chairman of the Freedom Caucus noted, “…he regretted not spending more time with moderate Republicans and Democrats ‘to find some consensus.’”


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