Lawmakers Need to Establish a Standard

Lawmakers wanted answers and the Department of Justice wanted more time but which is more important. As discussed in my previous post I talked about Trump and the DOJ being given a deadline to produce evidence of wire-tapping. However the investigation into whether the Trump administration had ties with Russia during the 2016 presidential election seems to be endless.

The question remains, which is more important, producing some information quickly or allowing sufficient time to gather all the evidence they believe is needed to support a conclusion. CNN’s Manu Raju, Tom LoBianco and Ashley Killough spoke to a top Republican on the committee responsible for both of these investigations and asked him about the issue, referencing Trump’s wire-tapping claims. “Grassley said he was frustrated that officials haven’t been as forthcoming as lawmakers would like, and said his committee hasn’t been given the respect it deserves for its oversight of the executive branch.”

President_Trump_2Another statement obtained by CNN expressed direct discontent with the Trump administration and the amount of evidence that they had gathered about the wire-tapping claim. Senator Lindsay Graham was quoted as saying, “He needs to answer the letter and give the nation some information about what’s going on here.”

Yet when asking representatives about whether Trump’s aides spoke with Russian officials during the election CNN reporters were given much broader, less direct answers. “We’re not
privileged to talk about the contents of the investigation but, you know, I think we need to be very precise when we talk about this.”

Although recent news has indicated Trump tower was not wire tapped, the apparent double standard regarding what and how issues are investigated is likely to continue to be an issue for this administration. I believe both ways of looking at the issues can be the right way but there needs to be more unification in how the lawmakers handle these types of matters. Lawmakers should establish a standard. Either, they want information and answers based on such information as soon as possible or they need to give investigators time to be able to thoroughly go through every possible fact, being able to provide what may be a more thorough conclusion. Limited time may mean limited information and possibly incorrect or only partially correct conclusions.


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