Deadline for Some, Unlimited Time for Others

President Trump and the Justice Department have been given a strict deadline to produce evidence regarding Trump’s claims of wiretapping. However, I have yet to see any mention of a deadline given to the investigators of the Trump-Russian investigation.

Let’s recap. On March 4, 2017 President Trump tweeted out, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory.” The Justice Department was given a deadline, which they followed with a request for an extension. The House Intelligence committee granted the extension giving them until March 20th. reported all of this early last week on March 13th.

On the other hand, claims that Trump and his associates have had ties with Russia and the investigation of these claims began circling back in January. Spencer Ackerson of The Guardian reported on, “the January assessment that the Russians had interfered in the US presidential election in an attempt to benefit Trump.”

Both of these investigations have sparked hundreds of news stories, creating unease at the thought either could be true. What needs to be discussed is why one investigation has a deadline while the other, which has been going on for months, has none.


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