Attorney General Under Fire

This presidential election has encompassed a wide array of legal and political issues. However one that has yet to come to an end is the investigation into whether US politicians were in contact with the Russians during this past election. This has become such a big deal because people are continuing to question whether the Russians had something to do with President Donald Trump being elected.

At the moment Jeff Sessions is in the hot seat. It has come to the public’s attention that he was in contact with the Russian ambassador. Those meetings though were said to have been entirely appropriate for Sessions’ job as Senator. The Huffington Post’s Laura Barron-Lopez and Michael McAuliff discussed how Sessions recused himself yesterday, Thursday March 2, from any investigations dealing with Russian involvement in the election. However now NBC News’s Andrew Rafferty is stating that the Democrats are not satisfied, recusal is not enough.

We’ve been here before when Loretta Lynch was asked to recuse herself during the Clinton investigation. Unlike Lynch, Sessions did recuse himself but some are still not satisfied and want him to give up his job all together. Again, let’s consider: treatment of Lynch vs. treatment of Sessions.


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