Dakota Pipeline gives Environmentalists an Excuse to Protest

Controversy has surrounded the completion of the Dakota pipeline that stretches from North Dakota to Illinois. This pipeline was meant to help transport crude oil more efficiently and help decrease the cost of oil. However, the last bit of the pipeline that has yet to be finished and is planned to be built through property just north of Standing Rock Sioux Tribes land.

BBC News reported that the controversy stems around the fact that the Sioux Tribe says, “the government took this land from them illegally in an 1868 treaty.” The Sioux Tribe has also “argued that the project would contaminate drinking water and damage sacred burial sites,” in BBC News’ report.access-to-pipeline

This isn’t the only thing halting the pipeline though. The Washington Post’s Andrew Cullen stated in his article, “Environmentalists are allying themselves with Native Americans.” It seems to me as if the environmentalists and activists are using the Native American’s fight as an excuse to push their own agenda. In his article Cullen discusses
the fact that these environmentalists have stopped lobbying the government and have taken it upon themselves to stop progress. They want to stop energy companies and the transportation of fossil fuels that the government is trying achieve for a number of reasons. In their minds, the environmentalists, this issue is very narrowly defined and it seems like if it isn’t their way of clean fuel and energy then it shouldn’t happen at all regardless of other considerations.

(Photo courtesy of CreativeCommon.com with open copyright)


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