Women’s Rights are Human Rights, but not Ivanka’s

On January 21st of this year not only the U.S. but the world saw women’s marches happening across the country standing up for women’s rights. Part of their mission, as stated on Womensmarch.com was to emphasize that, “women’s rights are human rights.” Well to those women that marched or otherwise supported the purpose of these marches and to those who firmly believe in standing up to support all women, some of you are falling down on the job. Ivanka Trump is a woman, a mom and recognized as a successful businesswoman, and yet thousands are protesting her clothing line, forcing its removal from stores across the country. Caitlin Moscatello in nymag.com covers not only the boycott but also the boycott of the boycott. So now women are boycotting a successful businesswoman, just because she was raised differently than most, that shouldn’t lessen her achievements and everything she’s done for herself. It seems as if women are picking and choosing whom they will support based on political party lines. They will support Hilary but nivankaot Ivanka, Madonna and Lady Gaga but not Ivanka.

I personally don’t see what’s so different about all these successful women other than Ivanka’s father is now President. They are all wealthy, have worked hard to
get to where they are today, and yet one, Ivanka, now doesn’t have women’s support and, worse, other women are actually fighting against her. “Women can be vicious,” stated D.C. McAllister as she wrote about the double standard in her article on thefederalist.com.

I personally don’t understand their argument, which basically is that Ivanka didn’t have to work hard to achieve her success, because she did. If she had wanted to she could’ve been one of those girls on the Rich Kids of Beverley Hills TV show on E!, where she could have sat around and spent her dad’s money, but she’s not. She used what was at her disposal, which yes might’ve been connections and money that most don’t have, to start her company but why is that any different from a successful female movie star who is the daughter of a movie star? Ivanka could’ve launched her clothing line and it could’ve been a complete failure, but that didn’t happen. I for one will be standing behind Ivanka Trump and support her for her achievements just as I support the rights and achievements of other women.

(Photo courtesy of CreativeCommon.com with open copyright)


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