Open Discussion Cut Short

My generation…yes the Millennial Generation desperately wants to make sure our First Amendment right is not taken away from us. However, with the recent activity on college campuses what exactly does freedom of speech mean? Students at Yale University wrote a letter to a faculty member that Time’s Justin Worland provided in his article that states. “ ‘We are not asking to be coddled… [We] simply ask that our existences not be invalidated on campus. This is us asking for basic respect of our cultures and our livelihoods.’.” So are they asking the faculty to teach to their beliefs and only their beliefs? This statement was in response to a faculty member sending an email to her students asking them, “to think about the controversy through an intellectual lens that few if any had considered,” as’s Conor Friedersdorf reported this past November.

Again, not too sure what these students at Yale are thinking. When a teacher poses a question and asks you to think critically why is that teacher automatically ridiculed. Isn’t that what are college education is all about, critical thinking? They want respect for their cultures but what about the cultures and beliefs of everyone around them? As American’s we’re taught to think differently and be open to new possibilities but this makes me feel like I might soon be forced to either A) believe what others think or B) stop voicing my opinion, STOP using MY 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT.


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